7 Days of Self-Love - Audio Book

Build A Healthier Self-Esteem - Is Time To Live The Life You Deserve | taught by Sandra Graves

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7 Days of Self-Love will aid you in overcoming self-hate, guilt and the pain of the past; while learning to love yourself. Short and sweet, yet it includes questionnaires and exercises for those seeking build their self-worth. Not loving yourself can mean the difference between failure and success.

Sandra Graves, author and bilingual keynote speaker offers no quick fixes, but provides tips and motivation to get you on your way to loving yourself. In comparison to other self-help audios, 7 Days of Self-Love strongly focuses on helping you identify your strengths and enjoy your life given gifts "YOU". This book was created for women but it is also useful for men.

Fear has many faces, but the one face that injures us the most is our past. Most of the time, painful experiences in our past make us afraid of the future. These painful experiences cause us to be weak. With time we feed our fears and we even begin to fear things that are not there. You can face your fears by improving your self-esteem.

"Well, it's a fantastic book written for all of us on this planet, no matter what background you have or what direction you are going. This book will motivate you to find the strength inside of you to achieve more. It's inspiring and I'm so glad that ..." -- Kimberly Dolejsi

Sandra Graves
Sandra Graves
Sandra Graves EDU

English: Sandra Graves is a personal development and leadership expert who is known for her honesty and bold insights. As a User-Experience Engineer (UX), Sandra uses her skills to help her clients enjoy a better life by building better products. Her approach is a process in which she studies the needs, wants, and limitations of humans in order to understand how to improve their experiences. Overcoming her past obstacles and the large list of victories she accomplished allow her to openly share her past and present experiences. Her goal as an UX and Personal Development expert is to help her clients have a great experiences by understanding their needs and helping them identify new and simple solutions to a better life. You can watch my weekly live show on EnVivoLive or visit me at www.MySandraGraves.com

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Español: Sandra Graves, una experta del desarrollo personal y liderazgo, conocida por su honestidad e ideas audaces. Como Ingeniería de Interfaz o User Experience Engineer (UX), Sandra utiliza sus habilidades del UX para ayudar a sus clientes a disfrutar de una vida mejor mediante la creación de mejores productos. Su enfoque es un proceso en el cual estudia las necesidades, deseos y limitaciones de los seres humanos con el fin de entender como mejorar sus experiencias. La superación de sus obstáculos y la larga lista de victorias que ha logrado le permiten compartir abiertamente sus experiencias pasadas y presentes. Su meta es ayudar a que sus clientes obtengan una gran experiencia y ayudarles a identificar soluciones nuevas y simples para una vida mejor. Puedes verme en vivo todas las semanas por EnvivoLive o visitame en www.LaMotivadora.com 

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